September 14, 2022

How to Get a More Defined Jawline: Top 6 Ways 

Beauty is subjective; however, there are certain facial features that people tend to perceive as attractive and desirable. One is the jawline, which has become a natural phenomenon in the aesthetic industry.
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How to Get a More Defined Jawline: Top 6 Ways 

Beauty is subjective; however, there are certain facial features that people tend to perceive as attractive and desirable. One is the jawline, which has become a natural phenomenon in the aesthetic industry.

But why a sharp jawline has become such a demanded beauty trait? 

According to various studies, a defined jawline is synonymous with an elegant and youthful appearance. Thus, a balanced female face will evoke the shape of an inverted triangle with the base at the cheekbones and the apex at the jaw. 

It is not any different in men since having a strong jawline, and a defined chin accentuates masculine features.

A sharp jawline is sometimes due to genetic factors, or you may have lost some weight, and in the process, you get rid of some fat in your face, making it look more defined and thin.

The bad news is that facial contours fade with age or weight gain, and the jawline becomes blurred. If you aren’t lucky with genetics or the passage of time is taking its toll on your jawline, there are several methods and treatments you can try to get a sharper jawline.

1. The magic of contouring

I’m sure you have heard it by now, but the Kim Kardashian trick to get a thinner face is to know how to apply makeup correctly.

If you are tight with a budget and can’t spend too much money on more effective and long-term treatments, maybe a makeup tutorial is the best way to start.

Using a bronzer and highlight for your skin can make a massive difference in your face's shape as it can improve and accentuate your natural features.

2. Neuromodulators

If you feel lost by the word “neuromodulator,” I’m sure you will be more familiar with “Botulinum toxin.” This toxin is a type of neuromodulator that can be injected directly into the masseter muscle, which is the muscle that surrounds the jawline.

This treatment is especially valuable for those who tend to suffer from bruxism and tend to involuntary over-tightening of the jaw muscles. Applying Botulinum toxin can help the muscle relax; additionally, it stylizes the face, harmonizing the jaw in a V or diamond shape.

3. Ultrasounds for the face

There is another option for those looking for a facelift without having to go through surgery: ultrasound treatment.

It is a high-intensity focused ultrasound that works at five depths, permanently destroying fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissues. The fat is eliminated naturally over the following weeks.  Results achieved are chin definition, oval facial recovery, and improved double chin appearance, ultimately achieving a defined jawline. 

4. Tensor Threads

The reabsorbable tensor threads have become the revolution in aesthetic medicine in recent years. The tensor threads treatment manages to lift the tissues to give a younger and healthier appearance. It returns the firmness to the tissues, providing a "lifting" of the tissues by the tension they create thanks to their tiny harpoons and the inflammatory reaction. 

It is a minimally invasive, simple procedure that generally provides immediate results lasting between 9-12 months.

5. Surgery

If you are looking for a permanent change, then the surgery route could be the best solution for your needs. It is a longer process that will require you some downtime and medication to help you with the recovery.

Nowadays, there are various jawline surgeries to address some improvements with your jaw or in other cases procedures that tackle more serious issues that have to do with your bite or jaw.

Nevertheless, in this case, we will pay more attention to the surgery option for those whose goal is more focused around aesthetics.

In this case, mandibular prosthesisis one of the most recent advances in surgical techniques for facial harmony. This procedure consists of placing a prosthesis in the jaw area to define it. This prosthesis is made of a material that does not cause any type of reaction and that integrates into the tissues in a natural way.They are designed from a 3D virtual model and It is used both to improve aesthetics and facial harmony.

6. Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic Acid fillers for jawline has become of the most recurrent options to achieve a defined, harmoniuos and sharp look in just a quick treatment that won’t take more than 15 minutes, painless and with minimal downtime.

Jawline fillers are ideal for men who want to reinforce the signs of masculinity by projecting the jawline area,  as well as for women who want to achieve a more harmonized and sharp look.

HYAcorp Face is the cross-linked formulation indicated for improving the facial contours and restoring the lost anatomical structures of the face. Perfect to correct medium to deep wrinkles and provide definition to jawline and cheekbones. With this treatment volume is added to the lower face, the angles of the jaw are accentuated and the chin is projected.

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If you are interested in knowing the cost of jawline fillers, you can contact us and we will help you a professional near you so they can give you an estimation of the cost of the treatment based on your needs and desires.

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