The art of face and body contouring.

The most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid, safe, biocompatible and non-animal origin.





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Why Hyacorp.

Guarantees long lasting results

Made in Germany

Guarantees long lasting results

Higher duration. Biphasic fillers

Guarantees long lasting results

Dermal fillers

Guarantees long lasting results

Up to 24 month duration

Our crosslinked body filler specially designed for contouring and volumizing the areas of the body.

“HYAcorp is a trustworthy filler with CE Mark certification, which is very important. There are many fillers around in the market, but a lot of them do not have these qualifications.”

Dr. Piero Crabai

"I use HYAcorp because the product has been on the market for many years and is well known for its good results and very low complication rate."

Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla

"I have done more or less 80 cases with HYAcorp and I am very happy with this product. I didn’t have any complications and the satisfaction of my patient is very high. With a quick procedure we are able to achieve very interesting results."

Dr. Matt Stefanelli

“HYAcorp is the perfect product to reestablish the volume of the buttocks area, adding volume to the calves, and overall achieving nice contouring to the whole body.”

Dr. Carmelo Crisafulli

“I used HYAcorp for body fillers since it is a very effective and safe product for body contouring.”

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled

“Quick procedure, immediate results, hardly any downtime, and minimally invasive. That’s why I use HYAcorp.”

Dr. Rosh


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