April 13, 2022

5 Face Areas That Can Be Improved With Dermal Fillers

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5 Face Areas That Can Be Improved With Dermal Fillers

As we grow older, our bodies start to change. Our skin changes too. It thins down, loses fat, and no longer appears to be as plump and smooth as it once was. It's easier to see your veins and bones. Lines and wrinkles, age spots, dull skin texture and tone, and other skin imperfections are all some of the characteristics of aging.

While intrinsic aging impacts all, extrinsic aging is caused by sun exposure, pollutants, facial movements, and other factors. These factors further impact your appearance in addition to your natural aging. Having a daily skincare routine in such cases is crucial to prevent some of the wrinkles and dull skin texture caused by external forces. If you want further help, cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers can help to restore the volume and fullness of the younger face, while also helping lift and support your face better.

Dermal filler treatments can be of many types, although they're all done in the same way. It's critical to understand the process and any potential hazards before opting for any form of cosmetic procedure.

What are Dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are used to increase the volume of the skin. Usually, it’s used in areas such as the chin, cheeks, and lips. But it can also correct facial expressions, prevent wrinkles, and frowns. 

Only practitioners trained in the use of injectables are allowed to inject dermal fillers underneath the skin to create a smoother and more lively look. The most common type of injectable is hyaluronic acid dermal filler because HA is a component naturally found in our bodies. In fact, it is considered the best one you can find since it is biocompatible and has a low overall incidence of long-term side effects. Generally, HA dermal filler for face lasts between 6-12 months, while hyaluronic acid-based body fillers like HYAcorp MLF1 and MLF2 last up to 24 months. 

Other types of dermal fillers are Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA), Autologous fat injections, and collagen. Both HA-based and collagen fillers are temporary and don’t take up too many deep layers of skin. They also have proven benefits for correcting extra volume loss that often occurs as we age. Moreover, these injectable dermal face reshaping fillers offer predictable and consistent results. 

5 Areas That Can Be Helped With Dermal Fillers

While dermal fillers are commonly referred to as "wrinkle fillers," a dermal filler treatment may accomplish much more than that. Other frequent concerns that face fillers can assist with include smoothing out lines around the nose and mouth (also known as marionette lines, smile lines, and parentheses), as well as enhancing and restoring volume to depressed cheeks or temples. These may also be used to reduce vertical lip lines, plump and enhance the lips, smooth out a chin crease, and improve facial symmetry.

Below we have rounded up the top 5 areas that can be improved with hyaluronic acid dermal facial fillers:


This might be the most well-known use for dermal fillers. Many people – especially women – want voluminous lips that are plumper. HA dermal lip filler is injected to give volume and contour to the lips. This procedure is ideal for those lips that have thinned as a result of aging or are naturally thin and require additional volume. The best part is that dermal filler treatments are completely customizable. Your practitioner can use a small amount of product such as HYAcorp Lips for a subtle contour or a larger amount for a more dramatic outcome depending on how you would like it.


As you become older, you lose subcutaneous fat, which causes the face to lose volume and flexibility. This draws attention to empty cheekbones and extra skin, which results in sunken cheeks. This might make a person appear sluggish and fatigued. Cheek fillers can be injected into this region to add natural volume and a subtle lift to the face. Some cheek dermal fillers, such as HYAcorp Face can make a significant impact on restoring the natural definition of the cheeks. With a single treatment, this filler can volumize and sculpt the cheek region.


Non-surgical chin augmentation with dermal fillers is an excellent alternative to a surgical chin implant. Chin fillers will help define and enhance your chin, improve side profile and reduce the look of a sagging neck in the long run. 

Forehead lines: 

The presence of forehead wrinkles might be an indication that you're becoming older. Fortunately, dermal fillers can be used to address them. Unlike Botox, which temporarily paralyzes muscles to prevent movement that causes wrinkles, fillers actually lessen the appearance of static lines that are apparent even when the face is at rest. The injectable dermal face fillers work by physically filling up the lines with hyaluronic acid and restoring that youthful appearance.

Tear Troughs:

Because of the thin or sensitive skin in this area, the skin around the eyes is one of the first locations to show signs of aging. Collagen, the protein that gives our skin volume, decreases in our faces as we age. And when this happens, fine lines and wrinkles, commonly known as Crow's feet, appear around the eyes or "tear trough." Bags beneath the eyes may become more noticeable, and the eyes may seem sunken or hollow. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are a fantastic approach to decrease the look of Crow's feet, sunken regions, and bagginess. Fillers like HYAcorp Feel can help revitalize the eye region, correcting not only the fine lines but also minimizing the appearance of under-eye hollowness. 

What Dermal Fillers Can’t Do?

Surgery, such as a facelift, brow lift, or body contouring, maybe the best option for some people. Minimally invasive rejuvenation procedures, such as soft tissue fillers, cannot provide the same effects as a facelift, but they can assist to postpone the need for one. It's vital to note that dermal fillers are only temporary solutions for facial aging and body augmentation and that long-term improvements will necessitate further treatments.

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