September 29, 2022

Happy Surgeon Day!

World Plastic Surgery Day is the perfect time to celebrate and recognize what doctors achieve daily.
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Happy Surgeon Day!

From HYAcorp, we want to say thank you to plastic surgeons for helping millions of people around the world not only to regain their confidence in themselves but also to motivate them to become better individuals.

World Plastic Surgery Day is the perfect time to celebrate and recognize what doctors achieve daily. From reconstructive surgery specialties to plastic surgery, their work contributes to improving the lives of every patient. They provide a way for men and women from different ranges to correct their insecurities. For this reason, plastic surgery should be a respected and admirable field of medicine.

During our participation at ISAPS World Congress 2022 in Istanbul, we witnessed full demonstrations, live surgeries, educational lectures, and much more. We could appreciate that although already very experienced plastic surgeons, they are willing to keep learning, improving, and keeping themselves updated on the latest techniques and advancements in the industry.

It is a professional career in which you never stop learning, and indeed, every patient has a different story and situation, which increases the possibility of learning from each one.

During these four intense days of the congress, we took advantage of asking a few questions to many of our KOLs from HYAcorp that are interested in body fillers or have been using our portfolio of products for a long time.

Swedish Aesthetic Surgeon, Doctor Fredrik Berne, was kind enough to answer a few questions about cosmetic surgery and hyaluronic acid fillers.

HYAcorp: What is the most rewarding part of being an aesthetic surgeon?

- Dr. Berne: One of the most rewarding parts of doing aesthetic surgery is meeting every individual patient, and when meeting the m, they come to me with a dream, and I have the opportunity to fulfill that dream, and seeing that journey is just beautiful.

HYAcorp: Is Aesthetics a form of mental reconstruction?

- Dr. Berne: Many might think that aesthetics and mental reconstruction keeps together, but what is very important for us is to understand aesthetics procedures are not a treatment for mental rebuilding, but they can help our patients, and I would say, one of the main benefits for doing aesthetics treatment is feeling better from inside and out.

HYAcorp: What do you choose HYAcorp over other fillers brands?

- Dr. Berne: As it, anything in our practice, safety and executability for our patient is the number one thing, even if I choose breast implant, or if I choose a body filler, I will choose the best product, so choosing HYAcorp because I know it is safe, predictable and we have a lot of science behind it, so it is an easy decision for me. 

HYAcorp: Your conception of a good surgery?

- Dr. Berne: We have a lot of patients focusing on symmetries, left or right side, but in the end, it is all about proportions. If we have and maintain natural proportions, you might not even notice it, but in the future is for the patient to find what’s good for them and for us to understand. A small and noticeable change is a sign of a suitable procedure.

Dr. Carmelo Crisafulli, Plastic Surgeon from Italy, could share his view on the industry, trends, and his view on becoming a plastic surgeon.

HYAcorp: What is an ideal surgery for you?

- Dr. Carmelo: A suitable surgery is a surgery that you do safely, informing the patients about everything: before, during, and after. I don’t do what the patient asks, but I always try to tell the patient the right way to approach the problem with the right surgery, not just because it is a trend or in the media.

HYAcorp: One tip for patients to trust their doctor?

- Dr. Carmelo: I like natural beauty; I don’t like to make complex procedures or try to artifact the final results. Fake is not lovely, and “the bigger, the better” is not always correct. You have the best approach, and I believe I can do that.

HYAcorp: The first question to ask your patient?

- Dr. Carmelo: The first question to ask your patient is, “How can I help you?”. Sometimes they come to me, asking me, “What would you do on my face or body?”. Let’s put it differently. What do you not like, or what would you like to change?

Education is a non-stop process, especially in aesthetic medicine, and our KOLs know how to keep innovating while getting the best education from the best and most trusted resources.

Happy Surgeon day to those who are making a difference in this world.

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