April 26, 2023

HYAcorp Dermal Fillers: the safe choice for your patients

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have experienced a rise in recent years. The principal advantages of non-surgical procedures (predictable outcomes, low-risk complications, low cost, and minimal recovery time) drive this change. This trend has impacted not only the facial filler industry but also the body filler industry.
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HA Fillers and Fat Grafting for Gluteal Augmentation

December 13, 2023

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Non-surgical cosmetic procedures have experienced a rise in recent years. The principal advantages of non-surgical procedures (predictable outcomes, low-risk complications, low cost, and minimal recovery time) drive this change. This trend has impacted not only the facial filler industry but also the body filler industry.

It is the ideal solution for patients who have no fat to transfer and/or prefer non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures to achieve the body shape they desire. With HYAcorp's hyaluronic acid-based fillers for face and body, BioScience, a German pioneer in the sector of dermal body fillers since 2006, offers an alternative solution to surgery for patients who wish to restore skin elasticity and achieve overall facial harmony, increase the volume of the buttocks, fill the hips or calves, among others, with the highest safety standards.

HYAcorp products are designed for facial remodeling, rejuvenation, and enhancement of specific areas of the body. Their formula is based on a defined granulometry and a major concentration of hyaluronic acid, which prolongs their durability and ensures the viscoelasticity of the gel.  

Safety has always been the main priority, which is why all HYAcorp products for face and body are 100% biodegradable and CE (2409) certified and produced according to DIN EN ISO 13485 standard. Product specifications are submitted and approved by the notified body. Each batch of products is only released when all specifications are tested and fulfilled, sterility controls are successful, and the amount of BDDE and endotoxins is below a required level that is considered safe.

In fact, HYAcorp products have a residual level of free BDDE 2 times lower than the limit set by European regulations, thus ensuring maximum safety parameters. As a result, a certificate of analysis (certificate of analysis, CoA) is generated to ensure that the batch meets the mentioned specifications. 

Any medical procedure, however, always carries minimal risk. Side effects may occur without any direct correlation to the product or treatment summini layer.  

To date, among the 35,000 registered buttock augmentation procedures, less than 0.1 percent of side effects have been reported. To minimize the risk, HYAcorp recommendations should be carefully followed at all stages, from preparation, during surgery, and postoperative follow-up. 

As part of an ongoing alignment to global standards, BioScience maintains relationships and collaborations with research institutes, key opinion leaders, and international aesthetic medicine societies worldwide. As of 2023, BioScience is an official Platinum Sponsor of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - ISAPS.

Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla, Plastic Surgeon and Member of BioScience's Medical Committee, shares his valuable insight on the evolution of this new phenomenon and his experience with the use of HYAcorp's hyaluronic acid-based fillers.

Dr. Brambilla, do you see an effective shift from surgical to nonsurgical procedures in your patients? Do you see a specific trend, within your clinic? Are patient demands changing? 

Statistics recently published by ISAPS AND ASPS show that there is an increase in the number of Aesthetic Surgery procedures performed, but at the same time the incremental trend in Aesthetic Medicine is far greater. In summary: more surgery is being done, but the demand for Aesthetic Medicine procedures is even greater. 

The reasons for this super-positive trend in Aesthetic Medicine are many: first, the search for harmony in age groups once less interested in this type of procedure (the very young and "over" age group) and then social transversality. Aesthetic Medicine is no longer the preserve only of the upper classes; "a touch-up" can be afforded by everyone, especially if the cost is low.

What is the most common minimally invasive procedure requested by your patients? 

In my clinical practice, always the same ones since I started: botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, because the result is almost immediate and the results are extremely predictable. Then, there are the technologies (laser, RF, HIFU, etc.) that can help a lot, but it takes time. And then it is important to get into the heart of the patient and understand what they really want and how much they can invest in terms of time and money.

What are your patients' main concerns when undergoing such a procedure?

Safety, efficacy, and long-term results. This is what everyone wants from Aesthetic Medicine.  Deciding to use a high-quality product and knowing how to choose by specific rheological characteristics are among the secrets of Aesthetic Medicine. Each hyaluronic acid has its own characteristics of elasticity and cohesiveness, particle size, and cross linkage. These specificities make the product unique in its interaction with tissues. For example: a body filler is not appropriate for treating a nasojugal groove, because the result would be a hideous, visibile creasing, just as a "light" filler is not appropriate for lifting the cheekbone from depth.

What are your criteria in selecting a product that you will use? Do HYAcorp's safety levels represent a criterion? 

The Bioscience portfolio is vast, with many products with extremely diverse rheological characteristics. Some products have been around for more than 15 years, demonstrating efficacy and safety.

For what indications do you use HYAcorp? What are your three favorite products and why? 

MLF1 and MLF2 for body contouring and improving tissue laxity. Here is my strategy for volume: MLF1 injected in microbubbles on the right deep plane to give volume and support, MLF2 more superficially with a fan technique to make the result uniform. 

I choose them because it is only with the experience of years that one knows the pros and cons and learns how to best manage a filler, optimizing the quantities and minimizing the adverse effects.

How long have you been working with HYAcorp? What would you highlight about the brand? 

The HYAcorp body filler line has been present for more than a decade, and BioScience is the undisputed world leader in selling this type of product. Personal experience has me saying that if the product is used correctly, the results are great, satisfaction is very high, and safety is high.

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