February 15, 2022

Non-Surgical Body Contouring: Are Fillers the Best Alternative?

People who desire to modify or shape their bodies without having surgical procedures have a range of possibilities. Are Dermal fillers the best option?
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Non-Surgical Body Contouring: Are Fillers the Best Alternative?

Recently, body contouring treatments like tummy tucks and buttocks augmentation are on the increase and will continue to climb in popularity—which is unsurprising. Most people opt for these treatments because when you improve your physical appearance, you quickly raise your self-esteem and confidence as well.  The demand for body contouring procedures has skyrocketed as noninvasive cosmetic treatments become more advanced and affordable. Body fillers are becoming increasingly popular too, especially among those who seek non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic operations to attain their ideal body form. These can be used to treat the laxity and skin depressions on knees, elbows, arms, thighs, enhance calves, or buttocks, and increase skin elasticity all over the body, including the hands and décolletage, thanks to technological developments.

However, because technology in the body-contouring industry is continually improving, "the best nonsurgical body contouring treatment" is a shifting objective. That’s because not all procedures are made equal and not all of them are right for every issue. While some body contouring treatments may work more effectively for tough-to-reach parts, others might prove optimum for specific areas. It’s really recommended to meet with a board-certified physician who specializes in more than one of the non-surgical body contouring therapies and can help you decide which is best for you based on a number of physical and lifestyle variables.

We have also gone through some of the procedures that fit into the “body contouring without surgery” category below to help you with your research:

Non Surgical Body Contouring Methods:

People who desire to modify or shape their bodies without having surgical procedures have a range of possibilities. Non-surgical body contouring therapy is a possibility in this situation for individuals who desire a long-lasting, non-permanent outcome without scarring.

Body contouring treatments may be divided into two types: those that eliminate undesirable body fat and those that enhance volume. Treatments to remove regions of excess body fat and cellulite are frequently related to body contouring. Patients seeking body contouring without surgery nowadays, on the other hand, aim to restore or increase volume to particular regions in addition to reducing excess body fat.

A non-surgical cosmetic procedure that molds the body by injecting a resorbable hyaluronic acid gel particularly created for minimally invasive volume enhancement is known as injectable body contouring. This non-surgical body contouring is a popular treatment option for volume restoration or augmentation since the outcomes are predictable and long-lasting.

The injectable hyaluronic acid body filler is a natural, resorbable gel that slowly decreases in the body over time, which is an advantage of the injectable body-contouring procedure. It is one of the best non-surgical body contouring methods due to its consistent and long-lasting results.

Besides the above, there are a few more reasons behind the rising popularity of these body contouring methods:

●   The methods are minimally invasive

●   They provide fast and quick results

●   The procedures are super quick to perform

●   These methods allow you to enhance or reduce any body part

●   The recovery time is really quick as compared to the surgical methods

Types Of Non-Surgical Body Contouring Methods: 

Non-surgical body contouring methods are of various types that have been designed to target different parts of the body. Here are the non-surgical body contouring methods that are enjoying quite a boom around the world: 

1. Temperature controlled Fat Loss Procedures like Cryolipolysis

This body contouring technique employs regulated chilling to permanently freeze fat cells on the inner thighs, upper arms, and stomach that are resistant to diet and exercise. The full effects appear after around three months when the frozen cells die and are naturally eliminated by the body, but one of the biggest benefits of this treatment is that no new cells can replace them, making it a fairly permanent cure.

2. Skin Tightening Procedures like Exilis

Our bodies lose skin elasticity as we age, resulting in a drooping appearance that most typically manifests as a jowl-like neck, sagging above-the-knees, and sagging upper arms. Radiofrequency and ultrasound technologies emerge as a solution since they help tighten the skin and generate collagen by contacting the skin's deeper layers.

3. Muscle Building & Toning Procedures like CoolTone

It works by contracting muscles with electromagnetic radiation, exactly as at the gym. A fast 20-minute practice that is mildly unpleasant is comparable to literally tens of thousands of sit-ups and may be utilized to improve both ab and butt muscles.

4. Injectable Volumizing Treatments with HYAcorp Dermal Fillers

Patients who want to augment and improve their calves and buttocks commonly undergo injectable body contouring procedures. Body fillers, on the other hand, can be used to hydrate and address abnormalities in the skin's surface caused by weight loss and other factors.

HYAcorp Body Contouring Before and After

Why Are Body Fillers The Best Alternative?

Body fillers are known to be the best non surgical body contouring methods today and here are the top reasons: 

1. Composition: They are made of non-animal source hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the body which makes them biocompatible and hence safe to be injected into the body. Hyaluronic acid is found in all connective tissues, skin, and eyes. The acid helps in retaining water and keeping the tissues hydrated. 

2. Non-Invasive: The body fillers are a non-surgical and non-invasive method of body contouring that makes them ideal for people who are afraid of going under the knife.

3. Quick & Easy: The body fillers are a quick method of body contouring without surgery, take up to 90 minutes at the maximum, and have less downtime.  You can instantly return to your normal activities right after the procedure.

4. Easy Post-Care: With minimal to none side-effects, the body fillers procedure comes with an easy post-care routine that does not affect your normal activities.

5. Reversal: The best part about this non-invasive method is that if you are not satisfied with the results, you can get it reversed via hyaluronidase.

6. Long-Lasting: As much as the procedure is quick, the results are surprisingly long-lasting. Depending on the amount injected and your personal metabolism, HYAcorp body fillers can last up to 24 months owing to their biphasic nature and advanced technologies.

Why Choose Hyacorp Body Fillers?

When it comes to filtering down the best option for body filler, the HYAcorp body fillers need no introduction. They are a popular choice among aesthetics and non surgical body contouring enthusiasts around the globe. Here is why:

    ●  The fillers are manufactured in Germany

    ●  They are CE Certified

    ●  They offer great safety and come with a great efficiency record

How HYAcorp Can Help Your Body? 

Hyacorp MLF1 and Hyacorp MLF2 are two products designed specifically for body transformations. MLF1 and MLF2 are hyaluronic acid body fillers with high purity that are developed to allow for body contouring without surgery. The products are designed to replace lost volume in various parts of the body as well as contour body surfaces. HYAcorp body fillers produce immediate results, and the gel will gradually break down in the body over time. Here is how the HYAcorp body fillers can help you:

● They can help you with buttocks enhancement.

● They help you tone your calves.

● Help modify hip dips

● You can rectify the skin depressions with these fillers.

● Helps stimulate collagen and elastin production both of which are crucial for keeping your skin firm.

● The fillers help in improving body contours.

● You can get rid of the cellulite appearance in your body with HYAcorp body fillers.

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