August 19, 2022

HYACORP BODY LINE: Fillers to Reshape your Figure

Interview with Dr. Amir Reza KHORSAND and Dr. Antoni Calmon
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HYACORP BODY LINE: Fillers to Reshape your Figure

With HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF1 and MLF2, the BioScience laboratory has provided an alternative solution to surgery for patients who want to increase the volume of their buttocks, hip dips or calves. 

Until now, it was difficult not to resort to surgery when seeking to reshape the figure, or enhance the body’s curves. 


Before and After

Now, the exclusive range of HYAcorp Body Contouring MLF1 and MLF2 hyaluronic acids enables doctors to inject the areas concerned in one or two sessions for an immediate effect.

Anti Age Magazine asked the opinion of two doctors, Dr. Amir Khorsand and Dr. Antoni Calmon, who both regularly use this range.

Anti Age Magazine: In what circumstances or for what indications do you use HYAcorp MLF1 and MLF2?

Dr Amir Reza KHORSAND: Mainly to increase the volume of the buttocks or to reshape them, especially flat buttocks that have lost their curves and convexity, with moderate ptosis. Asymmetry in the buttocks can also be corrected. But there are also other indications: to treat any defects connected with liposuction scars in the buttocks, hips and thighs, with a loss of subcutaneous tissue and fatty tissue. 

Dr Antoni Calmon: I use MLF2 for the buttocks, hip dips, calves and pectorals when the skin is elastic and thick, and MLF1 for thinner skin or to achieve a less prominent, softer result. 

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AAM: Can we use them in conjunction with other fillers or procedures?

Dr Antoni: Yes, this is actually a good idea because hyaluronic acid has extraordinary properties, in particular MLF1 and MLF2, but it cannot do everything. It can be combined with cryolipolysis to carve out the hips and love handles, which highlights the lower back and buttocks. The same goes for lipofilling, which is limited in terms of the quantity of fat available. The doctor therefore has the choice of either performing several liposuctions followed by several lipofilling procedures or performing one lipofilling procedure then MLF2 hyaluronic acid injections. We can even soften the appearance of implants that look too angular.


AAM: In your opinion, how have the patients’ demands evolved?

Dr Amir: Demand is booming in France, and likewise with our international patients. The results sought are firm, shapely buttocks with harmonious curves and no lateral dips, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift. We are seeing younger and younger patients, Millennials and even Zoomers.

Dr Antoni: We are seeing more and more requests from athletes who are finding it hard to achieve their desired shape.

AAM: How is the protocol carried out?

Dr. Amir: The areas to reshape are marked out on the skin when the patient is standing up, so that we can take into account the effect gravity has on the ptosis in the buttocks’ fat and muscle tissue. The same holes are used to inject the MLF1 and 2 using a flexible cannula. 

Dr. Antoni: First, we set out a treatment protocol and we ensure that the desired result is achievable. We administer a local anaesthetic into the areas concerned and inject subcutaneously using a cannula. One or possibly two sessions are required, if the volume is very large.

AAM: Can you tell us about the safety of these products?

Dr Amir: They are sterile, injectable medical devices, so they are safe. However, the injection procedure must be carried out in a safe way and in a sterile environment. There may be an inflammatory reaction.

Dr Antoni: I have used MLF1 and MLF2 for over 5 years for buttock augmentations and was one of the first doctors to carry out this procedure in France. They are very safe products that must be used sensibly, i.e. in a sterile, surgery-like environment and respecting the indications and the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

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