August 31, 2022

How to Revive Your Skin after your Holiday: The Perfect Vacation Skincare

Summer or Winter (depending on where you live) is ending and you have probably returned to your daily routine after spending a fantastic holiday lying in the sun, resting, and eating delicious food; that’s a good routine as well.
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Summer or Winter (depending on where you live) is ending and you have probably returned to your daily routine after spending a fantastic holiday lying in the sun, resting, and eating delicious food; that’s a good routine as well.

During this vacation season, we have rested, disconnected, and enjoyed in equal parts, but our skin has not had as much fun as we have had, as it has been exposed to different climates, pollution, sun, flights, and overall changes that may have caused your skin to suffer, but fortunately, we are here to tell you there is a solution!

Keep reading to find out what steps you should take to create your ideal post-vacation skincare routine.

1. Recovering your skin from sunburn 

Whether you forgot your sunscreen at home or accidentally slept on your towel for too many hours, don’t worry, we all have been there. What’s more, if you have pale skin, you are probably more likely to get sunburn.

Here are the habits you should implement after too much sun exposure:

- Avoid additional sun exposure. Try to spend a few days without tanning and applying sunscreen frequently as well as covering yourself with clothing.

- Use Aloe Vera or After Sun Protection: After a day at the beach or a sunburn, try always to apply aloe vera or any after-sun product after your shower. This is the perfect ingredient for your skin to make sure it absorbs all the hydration it needed.

- Drink enough water: After too much sun, your skin is dehydrated, so make sure you drink plenty of water to help rehydrate your skin.

- Take cold baths. Although we all enjoy a long and relaxing bath, maybe right now is not the right time to take it. We recommend you take a shower at a colder temperature than you normally are used to.

- Exfoliate every week: Exfoliation removes impurities and dead skin cells, as skin cells renew themselves every 28 days. In addition, exfoliating stimulates circulation to aid cell renewal. It is an essential step to restore skin health after summer damage, both on the body and face.

2. Getting back on track

In addition to taking care of the skin on the outside, it is necessary to take care of it from the inside, since the nutrition and oxygenation that this organ needs must come from the circulatory system.

In this sense, getting back to your healthy habits before you went on vacation is key. A well-balanced diet, being active, and getting enough rest will definitely set you up for success! 

After you have checked your wellness off of your list, cleansing should be the next step of any facial routine.

Both in summer and winter, cleansing is an essential step for the rest of the moisturizing products to penetrate well.

During the day and while we sleep, dirt and residues accumulate and clog the pores, and in summer even more so because of sweat. After cleansing, it is the turn of the toner, eye contour cream, serum, moisturizer, and, if it is daytime, sunscreen.

3. Consult your skin’s expert

Sometimes, using our current moisturizer and serum is not enough to reset your skin. It can also happen that your skin has changed and the products that you were using are not effective anymore. 

Most dermatologists and experts recommend assessing your skin after your holidays. That way, you have an updated evaluation of the status of your skin, its needs, and overall what products might be suitable for its recovery.

4. Treat yourself

One of the most frequent solutions after your holidays and maybe a good reason to spoil yourself is to get a facial.

Deep cleanses, focusing on getting rid of those clogged pores and excess oils, to then moving onto the exfoliation phase, are fundamental to recovering your dry skin so it can breathe and absorbs the right amount of hydration. Plus, being back to your routine won’t be as hard as it seems!

5. Incorporate Hyaluronic Acid in your products & skin

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance, present in different parts of the body, which absorbs water, thus, retaining moisture in the skin. Therefore, it has multiple benefits: it improves hydration, reduces wrinkles and expression lines, and stimulates collagen production. 

Thanks to all this, it is an indispensable ingredient to your post-vacation skincare. Currently, there are a wide variety of products enriched with hyaluronic acid, from creams to serums, even hair products such as shampoo or conditioners.

Nevertheless, what’s even more effective for getting a hydration boost for your skin and making sure you get all the benefits from hyaluronic acid,  is injecting directly this substance into your skin. Wonder how? Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.

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HYAcorp dermal fillers are the ultimate solution for achieving a glowing complexion while adding moisture to your skin. Its biodegradable and non-animal origin formula makes it easy for your body and skin to absorb it providing firmness and a plump effect to your face, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

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