February 16, 2022

The Aesthetic Mastery Ep 04: How to Manage Complications with HA Body Fillers

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The Aesthetic Mastery Ep 04: How to Manage Complications with HA Body Fillers

Bioscience is happy to announce a new medical webinar that will be held this 23rd of February 2022 at 17:00M (UTC).

Make sure you are registered through this link to have access to the webinar and get to learn from our experts on this important information.‍

This webinar is focused on the main issue regarding the side effects and complications of filler injections, specifically, the Hyaluronic Acid body fillers. We will be addressing the possible dermal filler complications that may happen during their application, how to manage them in the best and most effective way possible and finally what steps should anyone take to avoid safety issues with dermal fillers.

We will have the pleasure to provide all this content regarding filler injections with the help of our expert plastic surgeons that will make sure to give the necessary details about all the measures and steps to take when you are dealing with a similar situation. Their years of expertise will help us to better understand the magnitude of the scenario and we will have the opportunity to learn through a real case with a patient so that we can have a more in-depth comprehension about the topic.
Finally, in this medical event we are having a round of questions and answers in case there are any doubts during the webinar that will be answered by the doctors. 

The attendees will hear from expert plastic surgeons: Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla that will address the possible side effects that we should be aware of when injecting HA body fillers as well as the best and proper way to handle a situation like that.

Once we have heard of the few possible scenarios after the use of HA body fillers, Dr. Fabian Cortiñas will guide us through the different methods to prevent these side effects from happening during the body filler injections. 
Finally, Dr. Sofia Carvalho, will be presenting a real case in a patient to have the whole picture of the situation and to be able to fully understand all the steps that she successfully performed. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about the side effects of dermal fillers injections and make sure you are registered to the Webinar through this link.


In what circumstances side effects can happen?

The most common side effects when conducting the body filler injections in the wrong way are the following: facial or body asymmetry due to swelling, filler migration and overcorrection, and on the other hand bluish discoloration; finally in worse cases wounds, infections, or scarring.

Today it is very typical to hear a lot about the increase in the use of dermal fillers and its great benefits. This rapid increase in popularity has caused that the number of complications and side effects have therefore climbed. It is essential to be aware of the risks related to the use of dermal fillers, especially if the necessary precautions are not carefully adopted from the doctors as well as the patients, and they are not aware of the contraindications. The risk of having complications will be high if the origin of the HA is unknown or with unapproved ingredients.

In Bioscience we are very proud of our recognition of the CE Mark issued by the European Commission that implies that a product sold in the European Economic Area has been assessed to meet the highest safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.  Another reason for complications of filler injections might be if the practitioner conducting the injection doesn’t have the right training or certification for this type of treatment. We highly recommend that for those willing to get dermal fillers, always seek for a licensed and board-certified healthcare professional either with a specialty in dermatology or plastic surgery.

It is also essential to be cautious of the fake dermal fillers that are sold through online businesses. Most of these websites don’t have the certifications to sell the dermal fillers and the patients can’t be sure about the composition of them or what’s even inside of the packaging. These online businesses are run by unlicensed distributors that sell dermal fillers directly to the consumer, which are medical devices and therefore no lawful company is allowed to sell to the consumer.

Finally, the setting of the treatments and procedures has a significant impact on the outcome of it. Unfortunately, there have been several cases of people injecting themselves at their homes after watching some tutorials on the Internet. These procedures must take place in a medical setting, with the right and sterilized tools and with the trained practitioner who will perform this treatment.

This information is going to help attendees to have a better understanding of the risk factors of the Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler injections. Our plastic surgeons will be able to explain in more detail all the above mentioned. With their years of expertise, they will present us real cases that fortunately turned out to be very successful.

This webinar will air on the 23rd of February 2022 at 17:00 (UTC). You can register now  and the participants will receive a confirmation email and they will be able to join the webinar.

For any questions or issues, please contact info@biosciencegmbh.com

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