July 28, 2022

Most Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

We are more than halfway through the year and it’s time for us to pause and reflect on the last few months of 2022: What styles are we seeing, cosmetic procedures people are getting, and many more exciting trends that will be emerging during the rest of the year.
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Most Popular Non Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Let's start with what trends were expected in 2022. Similar to 2021, a common theme among new beauty and lifestyle products in 2022 was “sustainability". In terms of your daily routine, this means that you can use longer-lasting, more potent, and generally more conscious formulas because they are safe for you and the environment.

On the other hand, taking care of yourself is the go-to motto during 2021 and also this year. The self-care trend has been on the rise and people are looking for themes related to good nutrition, exercise, therapy, and spirituality. But they are also looking for non-invasive and minimally downtime alternatives to care for their skin and body. Having a balance between personal care and the environment is a still-going trend for 2022.

So, what’s hot this year in the beauty and aesthetics industry?

Let’s have a look at the most popular cosmetic procedures this year so far:

1. Subtle Lip Fillers

 Facial procedures such as lips fillers have been very popular. Clearly, the attention that lips have gotten is not decreasing, however, this time people are seeking bigger and plump lips, but at the same time, with a subtle and softer touch, so it is not that obvious that you got any work done.

If you are looking for improving the volume, symmetry, and definition of the lips, while achieving pump and hydrated lips, HYAcorp lips is a great solution for you.

Thanks to its highly cross-linked hyaluronic acid, it provides volume and enhances lips’ hydration. It is designed for the augmentation, restoration and contouring of lips in a minimally-invasive way and with a duration up to 12 months.

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Dr. Ahmad Moukalled. Before&After Lips and Jawline

2. Laser Treatments

Time and the effect of external factors such as the sun, pollution, smoking, and even stress inevitably leave their mark on our skin. Over the years, spots, wrinkles, expression lines and scars appear more and more frequently, giving our skin an aged effect and adding a few extra years to our age.

When it comes to treating all of the mentioned above, the C02 laser is always a good choice.  It emits light waves capable of evaporating the water in the skin and removing cell membranes. The disappearance of the epidermis layer gives way to the basal layer, which is responsible for regenerating the dermis.

In addition, the heat of the laser causes inflammatory phenomena that contribute to the formation of new collagen fibers and reduce wrinkles. After completing the recommended sessions, laser CO2 combats the appearance of blemishes, brightens the tone, and improves cases of rosacea.

Laser Treatment

3. Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy may be for you if you are looking for natural health, wellness, and skin benefits. RLT is a simple procedure that involves exposing the body to low wavelength red light. This red light is natural and can penetrate deep into the skin, where cells can absorb and utilize it. The mitochondria in the skin cells can absorb these light particles which helps the cells to produce more adenosine triphosphate, which is the source of energy for all cells.

These are a few of the benefits you can obtain from this treatment:

Increase the production of collagen in the skin

Increase circulation between blood and tissue cells

Protect cells from damage

Improve facial texture

Reduce the severity of wrinkles

4. Surgery-Free Body Contouring

Contouring, remodeling and reshaping your natural curves is now possible without having to go through a surgery with months of post recovery. Hyaluronic acid fillers for the body are a great option to add or restore the lost volume and enhancing your figure. The premium and exclusive HYAcorp Dermal Fillers for the body are pioneers in the market. Thanks to its biphasic Hyaluronic acid, they provide a longer effect (up to 24 months) and are easy to inject. 

The benefits of using hyaluronic acid fillers for your body is that you can obtain immediate results and with minimal downtime. There is a whole variety of treatments you can achieve with HYAcorp Body Fillers:

Enhance the Buttocks

Shape the Calves

Improve Body Contours

Correct Skin Depressions

Firm the Body

Stimulate Collagen and Elastin Production

Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

Hip Dips Correction

Before&After Buttocks Augmentation using HYAcorp


I’m sure you have heard of Cryolipolysis everywhere since it has become a very popular treatment people who wish to get rid of fat usually get. Cryolipolysis is an aesthetic treatment that is based on eliminating localised fat that is the most difficult to eliminate.

Therefore, it is a method that does not help to lose weight, but focuses on attacking those accumulations of fat that often cannot be eliminated with exercise or diet. The aim of cryolipolysis is to destroy the fat cells (adipocytes) by lowering their temperature so that they break down and are eliminated without damaging the rest of the skin cells. The temperature used is below zero degrees. Cryolipolysis is a very safe technique that only affects and eliminates fat cells. It leaves no permanent side effects related to the skin or fat metabolism. It is a safe alternative to liposuction that offers significant fat reduction results.

This is a brief summary of the latest trends in non surgical cosmetic treatments that will be the most popular in 2022. 

Have you tried any of them? Which would be the first one you would try?

In HYAcorp we highly recommend to consult your doctor or experts before getting any treatment. For your safety, it is crucial to do a previous assesment so they can adivse you on the most effective treatment for your needs.

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