June 22, 2022

IMCAS Academy Webinar Replay

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IMCAS Academy Webinar Replay

IMCAS Academy hosted on 15th June a live webinar sponsored by BioScience GmbH where internationals and influential doctors delved deeper into the gluteal augmentation with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

It was moderated by Doctor Benjamin Asher, who successfully integrated every speaker into meaningful debates and asked insightful questions to interact with them, leading to very dynamic conversations.

After a brief introduction of Doctor Benjamin Asher, our first speaker was Anatomist and Professor Sebastian Cotofana. His content supported by a cadaver video was all about the gluteal anatomy and the different skin layers found in this part. 

Next up, Italian Plastic Surgeon Doctor Massimiliano Brambilla addressed the process of reshaping and adding volume to the buttocks area with Hyaluronic Acid Body Fillers. And, finally, Professor Michael Atlan tackled one of the most important issues at BioScience, safety when dealing with Hyaluronic Acid Fillers.

The live session concluded with an active discussion among the experts and attendees as part of the Q&A session. With more than 1600 webinar registrants, the IMCAS Academy Webinar was an official success.

If you missed the live events, the recording has been available so you can watch on-demand at your convenience. 

(Watch the full video here)

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