November 14, 2022

HYAcorp Hosts a Three Educational-Day Event with the Best Experts

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HYAcorp Hosts a Three Educational-Day Event with the Best Experts

BioScience launched the Global Academy project in Madrid at the beginning of 2022. This event aimed to train future trainers using the  Body and Face Fillers from the German pioneer brands.

Now fast forward to the first weekend of November 2022; HYAcorp was responsible for arranging the second edition of the Global Academy: a 3-day event with doctors from different parts of the world under the same roof with the same goal of learning everything about HYAcorp hyaluronic acid fillers.

Since education is a top priority for BioScience, we want to ensure that professionals using our products have a deep understanding of how the product works, its characteristics, the anatomy of the body and face, and the correct and proper technique method when injecting hyaluronic acid fillers.

That’s why this event gathered the doctors Dr. Andrea Margar from Italy,  Dr. Naveen Cavale from the UK, French Dr. Jean Jacques Deutsch, Dr. Wojciech Kulczyck from Poland, and finally, Dr. Patricia Gutiérrez-Ontalvilla from Spain.

Swedish Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Fredrik Berne, Italian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Piero Crabai, and American Anatomist Dr. Sebastian Cotofana were the trainers who spent those three days sharing their knowledge and giving lectures and live demonstrations.

Dr. Cotofana hosted the first lecture of the Global Academy, tackling the foundation of the theory: the anatomy of buttocks, hands, and calves. After a brief and engaging debate between the trainers and participants, it was time to apply the theory to the practice by having a live demonstration of buttocks augmentation using ultrasound to appreciate where the HA is injected.

Then,  it was the turn of Swedish Dr. Fredik Berne to start the procedures with HYAcorp body fillers. Luckily, we had a wide range of patients, in terms of age, body composition, or gender, which was very helpful to see the results on each body type. 

The doctor dived in on the cellulite treatment using HYAcorp MLF1, which is a very popular and demanded procedure that lots of people are interested in. The first procedure was buttocks augmentation using HYAcorp MLF2. The participants could see an up-close of how the injection technique was carried out and how the patient reacted to the product.

Procedures using  HYAcorp fillers for the face were made by Italian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Piero Crabai. The first treatment was lips enhancement using HYAcorp Lips, followed by nasolabial folds and jawline and chin accentuation using HYAcorp face. Finishing off the session, Friday ended with a calves augmentation treatment, a very popular and well-received treatment not onlñy among men but also among women.

Saturday was the last day of the Global Academy, where trainers and participants had the chance to ask any questions and doubts and talk about diverse topics such as safety, adverse reactions after Hyaluronic Acid Injections, and how to make the most out of your social media profile.

Nevertheless, the session ended with a hands rejuvenation case using HYAcorp MLF1, which is a key treatment for combating the aging process that our hands reveal.

That was a wrap on a very intense but worthy three days event where education, safety, and training were the main characters of these days.   

From HYAcorp, we are delighted with the attendees' involvement and the establishment of new relationships that we hope will lead to collaborations in the near future.

Thank you to the experienced and professional doctors who invested all their time and effort into ensuring the knowledge was transmitted with the right approach and content.

Surely, this won’t be out last edition of the Global Academy. We will be hosting more editions in the near future, so make sure you follow us on our different channels so you can be notified when a new Global Academy will be celebrated.

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