October 29, 2021

HYAcorp Bulgaria Workshop

We recently conducted a workshop on safe body treatments with HYAcorp in Bulgaria on October 3rd, 2020.
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HYAcorp Bulgaria Workshop

We recently conducted a workshop on safe body treatments with HYAcorp in Bulgaria on October 3rd, 2020. This was the first live demonstration to take place since the pandemic induced global lockdown and successfully so. Organized in collaboration with our partners in Bulgaria ‘Best Medical Care’, this workshop was popularly termed a ‘Safe Workshop.’ The premise was prepped extensively to maintain the highest standard of safety for the attendees respecting social distancing and precautionary covid-19 mandates. Even the demonstration was done in the presence of a few doctors, with most attendees viewing it through a projected screen in a separate room.

The practical workshop was led by Dr. Piero Crabai, a board-certified plastic surgeon who is a renowned expert in non-invasive body procedures and has been in practice for more than twenty years. In addition to demonstrating the entire process from the beginning to the end, he also shared the anatomical knowledge and product specifications required to back up the procedure.

Treatments such as buttocks augmentation, calves, and hands correction with HYAcorp MLF1 and MLF2 were demonstrated at the workshop. All the attendees were walked through the pre-procedure preparation, including the assessment of the model to identify and mark the areas that needed to be injected with volume. Additionally, the requirement of a procedure room, sterile attire, and sanitized instruments was explained in detail. During the session, Dr. Crabai illustrated efficient injection technique unique to the HYAcorp body fillers and also clarified questions at every step. Post-procedural care instructions were also communicated for a satisfactory outcome.

As non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures advance and become more accessible, the demand for cosmetic procedures to enhance the body has caught up fast and is rapidly expanding. Buttocks augmentation is especially turning out to be a popularly sought aesthetic treatment with the Aesthetic Society of Plastic Surgery (ASPS) reporting a 90.3 percent increase for it since 2014. Ensuring a high standard of safety in body treatments has thus become a priority in the field of aesthetic medicine.

As the only manufacturer of CE Mark certified HA-based body fillers, BioScience takes special consideration in ensuring the safest and most effective results with its unique body treatment solution. This takes the form of exceptionally capable manufacturing adhering to the stringent regulations and security requirements. As part of our efforts, it is also ascertained to equip the professional medical practitioners with accurate techniques and expertise through our international training programs, regular live demonstrations, and educational webinars.

This session ensured that the professionals got a detailed understanding of the procedure to replicate this widely requested procedure for their patients. Attended by the region’s top aesthetic doctors, the workshop was essentially successful in its mission to train and equip practitioners with the exact set of skills required to perform body contouring procedures with HYAcorp dermal fillers.    

During the worldwide restrictions, we adapted ourselves to the digital platforms to spread medically relevant information and impart as many educational resources as possible. But as a medical device provider, we believe enormously in offering live demonstrations and practical hands-on training for the doctors. This live demonstration held in Bulgaria hence helped us strike a balance between traditional and digital training. Further, we at BioScience hope to combine both in the future for ensuring enhanced learning for all our global partners.

To find out more about our trainings and workshops for HYAcorp complete face and body procedures, get in touch with us.

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