June 9, 2022

HYAcorp at IMCAS 2022: Live Symposiums, Lectures and Innovative workshops by International KOL.

The 23rd edition of the IMCAS international congress 2022 was held in Paris from June 3rd to June 5th. If you have been paying attention to social media, Les Palais de Congrèss was the perfect spot for exhibitions, live demonstrations, meetings, and special launches.
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HYAcorp at IMCAS 2022: Live Symposiums, Lectures and Innovative workshops by International KOL.

HYAcorp by BioScience’s involvement over the whole weekend was very successful. Friday’s highlight was the innovation of a cadaver workshop with body fillers. Saturday, June 4th was full of educational content, thanks to lectures by International renowned doctors and live demonstrations using HYAcorp dermal fillers.

HYAcorp’s Participation Summary

The past few years have pushed us all to lead new projects and face new challenges. This international event was the ideal occasion to showcase all of the efforts that we have been investing to deliver an impactful event and also to become the place where we could reconnect in person with doctors, distributors, and our collaborators.

IMCAS World Congress 2022 serves as a source of inspiration and motivation for all the people working behind HYAcorp and BioScience’s brand. We get to witness the most recognized brands from the industry working under the same roof and with the same goal of creating meaningful networking alliances.

At the event, HYAcorp had its spot at BioScience Booth, with a full-on display of all the products: body and face fillers. Visitors could come and take a look at our packaging and learn everything about dermal fillers from our experts at BioScience.

Besides holding our exhibitor booth, HYAcorp was a subject of the educational symposium led by international experts, and its execution was very successful with a large number of attendees. 

From Body to Face with HYAcorp Dermal Fillers was a comprehensive approach to the aesthetic concerns of both body and face fillers. Thanks to the variety of the HYAcorp product range, live lectures could tackle a wide range of topics.

HYAcorp symposium

At 5 PM was the start of this session where attendees could delve deeper into the science behind hyaluronic acid fillers thanks to live demonstrations and lectures.

Italian plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Marchetti was responsible for the first live demo that dealt with one of the main aesthetic concerns among people: the hip dips. Dr. Marchetti performed this procedure with the help of the most advanced body fillers by HYAcorp. 

French Professor Michael Atlan brought us an insightful lecture regarding the safety of hyaluronic acid fillers. Finally, another live demonstration, and this time, targeting the face, was performed by Italian plastic surgeon and head of the medical committee of BioScience, Dr. Piero Crabai. Using HYAcorp’s best two signatures for the face: HYAcorp Feel and HYAcorp Face, Dr. Crabai performed a face transformation on a patient.

Cadaver Workshop using MLF2

Furthermore, on this weekend recap, the special highlight of this event for HYAcorp and the German pioneer BioScience was the host of a cadaver workshop on Friday 3rd June. 

Dr. Piero Crabai was in charge of this session and with the help of HYAcorp MLF2, he focused on the buttocks area to add volume and shape. The innovation of this event not only was the science behind injecting body filler on a cadaver but the fact that whilst the doctor was injecting the body filler on the cadaver, another patient was being injected as well, so attendees could see the real results and get a better picture of the anatomy. 

What our doctors think of Hyacorp’s products?

This kind of congress is the ideal situation for us to get in-person feedback from our distributors and doctors about HYAcorp products, improvements, benefits, and any other ideas. Dr.Piero Crabai was one of the experts who had the opportunity to share with us the top 3 advantages of HA compared to other body fillers. 

According to the doctor: “simplicity, safety, and natural results” are the three remarkable features of HYAcorp dermal fillers.

“The simplicity of the use is coming from the easy way of injecting as well as the already defined technique. Safety because it has a long-range of clinical and experimental studies. Lastly, natural results because the HA delivers good effects along with an augmentation and reshaping effect for the patient”- Piero Crabai, Plastic Surgeon.

After such an intense couple of days, on behalf of everyone here at HYAcorp, we would like to extend a big thank you to IMCAS for this opportunity and to everyone who decided to spend a bit of their time with us. 

We sincerely hope that you all have had an amazing weekend and we look forward to many more events with you.

If you have any requests or queries, please share them with us here, and our team of dedicated professionals will get back to you right away!

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