May 20, 2022

IMCAS Academy Webinar by BioScience: Gluteal Shaping and Augmentation with HYAcorp Body Fillers

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IMCAS Academy Webinar by BioScience: Gluteal Shaping and Augmentation with HYAcorp Body Fillers

IMCAS Academy Webinar aims to inspire and reinforce the education on the practical use of HA body fillers for the industry professionals. With this program, our subject of focus will be the buttocks area and everything regarding adding volume or shape. 

HYAcorp body fillers - the most advanced hyaluronic acid designed for the body and face will be the main focus of this discussion. HYAcorp is known for its impressive results with long-lasting impact and volume. During the webinar, the experts will address the advantages of adopting HYAcorp for buttocks augmentation and shaping. 

The webinar will be on June 15, 17:00 (UTC). Save the date to gain insightful and valuable information. 

You can register for free here.

This webinar, in collaboration with IMCAS Academy, is the perfect example of our recognition of the importance of medical education and training for our partners. This philosophy motivates us to create these type of events that feature both discussion and demonstration.

The topic of this event is “Gluteal Shaping and Augmentation with HA Body Fillers”. However, more subject matters will be tackled through this live session; this time, our experts will talk about the importance of safety during these types of procedures.

The structure of this webinar is divided into four programs to facilitate a better understanding and dynamics. We start the webinar by talking about everything related to the anatomy of the buttocks, which will be a good foundation and starting point to delve deeper into this body area.

Afterward, we look into the world of hyaluronic acid fillers for the body to explain how the patient can achieve the desired volume and shape in their buttock with the help of the HYAcorp product line for the body.

We will move on to the topic that has been one of the core values for BioScience and that is safety. Through live webinars and symposiums, we want to spread the knowledge surrounding the adverse reactions after injecting hyaluronic acid and how to manage them in case those situations do occur. Although Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are a non-invasive treatment, there can be some complications along the way, and what a better occasion to comprehend them than with the expertise and perception of these professionals with years of experience.

Finally, in this medical event, we will have a round of questions and answers that will be later answered by the doctors in case there are any doubts during the webinar. It’s a great approach to engaging with their audience and knowing more about their inquiries.

The experts that will be hosting this live session are professionals in the aesthetic field and their knowledge and wisdom make this event such an impactful one. We will count on three main experts that are the speakers at this IMCAS Academy event: Plastic Surgeon from France, Dr. Michael Atlan, Italian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla, and Anatomist from USA, Sebastian Cotofana.

With such varied and dynamic speakers, the audience will have valuable information and will certainly appreciate all of their input. Last but certainly not least, French Plastic Surgeon Dr. Benjamin Ascher will be responsible for the moderation of this event.

The registration is open. Once registered, the participants will receive a confirmation email and a link to join the webinar. 

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