June 19, 2023

Top Treatments You Can Get with HYAcorp Fillers

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Top Treatments You Can Get with HYAcorp Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers have become a demanded non-surgical procedure for those looking to improve some areas of their body, enhancing some features or adding volume and hydration to achieve a plump effect.

What you might not know about these fillers is that they are versatile and can tackle a wide range of areas of the face and body. German brand pioneer in the body fillers category, HYAcorp, has developed a body and face hyaluronic acid fillers portfolio.

Moreover, their safety profile is excellent, marked with CE certification since 2006 and having only a 0,1% of complication rate in more than 35.000 procedures. So when you have made up your mind about getting HA fillers, choosing the right product and the right practitioner is vital.

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So, we will go in-depth about the different options that HYAcorp has in store for achieving your beauty goals.

Taking care of your skin with HYAcorp

HYAcorp has many products specially designed to improve the quality of your skin; depending on what you are looking for, here are the choices for you:

Giving glow and brightness to your skin

For those of you who want to improve the texture and appearance of your skin, HYAcorp Fine is the only non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid on the German’s portfolio. This means that its formulation allows for a rejuvenated, hydrated, and smooth look, and you will leave the clinic with a special glow.

Correcting those fine lines and wrinkles

If you did not know about the incredible power of hyaluronic acid fillers for rejuvenation purposes, now you will. The capacity of this natural substance for attracting and retaining water and smoothing out surfaces makes correcting wrinkles and other lines a reality.

HYAcorp Feel has been formulated for those areas prone to wrinkles, such as the perioral and periorbital areas. Also, it can be applied to the under-eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Enhancing some facial features with HYAcorp

Achieving plump and defined lips

As we age, the collagen on our lips decreases, thus, the volume of our lips. Lip fillers have become a sought-after cosmetic procedure among individuals seeking to enhance the appearance of their lips and recover the lost volume.

‍HYAcorp Lips is a cross-linked hyaluronic acid solution designed for the augmentation, restoration, and contouring of lips to provide volume and smooth touch minimally invasively.

Getting a sharp and defined jawline

The passage of time can significantly impact certain areas of the face, leading to an undesirable facial appearance characterized by sagging. The cheeks or cheekbones are particularly susceptible to these effects. This is primarily attributed to the decrease in skin elasticity and volume and a lack of proper projection in this specific region.

HYAcorp Face is the solution for those looking to add projection and contouring features to their face. This product can provide volume and definition for a sharp effect and restore the lost facial anatomical structures.

Body Contouring Solutions with HYAcorp

Achieving rounded and lifted buttocks

Whether it is a lack of activity or genetics, our buttocks area tends to suffer more when it comes to our daily lifestyle habits. We spend too much time sitting in front of a screen, and it is expected that the volume we used to have, is no longer there.

HYAcorp MLF2 is a highly-cross-linked body filler that effectively augments and contours the gluteal area. Due to its large particle size and HA concentration, it is ideal for volumizing larger areas and providing long-lasting results. 

Rejuvenating the hands

They say that hands give away some of the signs of aging, and that is because your skin becomes thinner and the fat in the back of your hands diminishes, appearing more wrinkled.

A minimally invasive treatment with HYAcorp MLF1 becomes your number-one ally for smoothening lines, hiding veins, and improving skin quality

Correcting skin irregularities

Skin irregularities, such as cellulite, are something that the vast majority of women tend to have. Their appearance on some body parts is very common, whether that is due to a higher fluid retention, genetics, diet, or not exercising enough.

As mentioned, hyaluronic acid can smoothen out these irregularities, thus correcting their appearance. HYAcorp MLF1 can help get rid of cellulite by administering a firmness in the shape and smoothness of the skin.

Our number one priority at HYAcorp is the safety of patients. We work hard to achieve that in our products and our approach to guide to doctors and patients.

If you are interested in any of the treatments previously mentioned, contact us and we will help you find a professional near you.

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