December 22, 2022

Body Fillers: Emerging as the Most Preferred Buttock Augmentation Procedure

The desire to achieve a bigger butt has gained so much recognition in such a short time that some people claim that buttocks might be the new breast.
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Body Fillers: Emerging as the Most Preferred Buttock Augmentation Procedure

Butt is the new Breast

Breast Augmentation with surgery is one of the most adopted surgical treatments in the aesthetic industry. However, lately the desire to achieve a bigger butt has gained so much recognition in such a short time that some people claim that buttocks might be the new breast.  The vast majority of people are looking for firm, toned and voluminous glutes, however, you will have seen for yourself that achieving this in a natural way is an arduous task. 

The muscles located in the buttocks  require the most exercise to obtain acceptable results. Even with a routine of physical activity focused on this body area, sometimes it is not possible to highlight the part of the buttocks as much as one would like. 

Fortunately, the magic of aesthetic medicine is at our complete disposal so that you can make all your wishes come true. 

Buttocks Augmentation with Surgical Procedures

On one hand there are various surgical methods for getting a buttocks augmentation: fat grafting, Brazilian butt lift or implants. Despite this popularity, invasive treatments aren’t without risk and, besides this inconvenience, this procedure involves downtime for the patient and can take up to 6 months to see and appreciate its full effect.

What’s more, these invasive procedures are permanent, given that you don't want to repeat the same invasive process of removing them, which is not an easy or comfortable process to go through.

Buttocks Augmentation with Non-Surgical Procedures

As we age, we start losing the natural volume and fat of our glutes due to a series of factors: A lot of jobs now require us to stare at a screen for over 7 hours per day, we drive everywhere and we live a very sedentary lifestyle. That is why over time our bodies cannot support the curves we are desiring, and sometimes workouts are not enough.

if you don’t want to go to a hospital and prefer natural and quick results, then minimally-invasive and non-surgical procedures might be the option for you. Hyaluronic acid buttocks injections follow the same procedure as any facial filler performed on the face such as wrinkle removal, lip augmentation or cheek augmentation. 

A hyaluronic acid filler is injected into the buttocks, which means that the results are not definitive and after the injection process, patients will return to their normal lives.

These are some of the reasons why people start choosing buttocks augmentation procedures with no surgery, and it will only continue to grow as better and more competitive products are released in the market such as the German pioneer in the body fillers market, HYAcorp.

They are the perfect solution for those patients  wanting to achieve a prominent, rounded as well as enhanced buttocks. What’s more, this procedure for buttocks augmentation is highly individualized based on a patient’s desired aesthetics.

Buttocks Augmentation with HYAcorp Body Fillers

HYAcorp is an exclusive brand of dermal fillers for face and body, CE marked since 2006, and with very low complications rate 0,1% in more than 35.000 procedures in buttocks. Whether you are looking to enhance your buttocks, shape your calves, correct skin depressions, or reduce the appearance of cellulite, HYAcorp is what you are looking for.

Its two products, HYAcorp MLF1 and HYAcorp MLF2  have only been designed for certain body areas such as calves, buttocks and concave deformities. One of their many advantages is their capacity for prolonging the volume, enhancing a certain part  and overall improve skin texture. 

Besides, HYAcorp hyaluronic acid body fillers are biphasic, which means that they have cross-linked particles of HA dispersed in a non-cross-linked HA vehicle delivering more volume and long-lasting results.

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Having said that, the duration of the product will vary depending on the patient's metabolism, injection technique, the area of the body, and the type and amount of filler applied. In general, HYAcorp body fillers might last up to 24 months.

For the price of the treatment, you would have to ask your specialist since the total amount can vary depending on the number of syringes you will need, your skin type, and overall doctor’s evaluation.

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