March 16, 2022

4-hands buttocks augmentation with HYAcorp at AMWC 2022

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4-hands buttocks augmentation with HYAcorp at AMWC 2022

The most advanced cross-linked hyaluronic acid, safe, biocompatible and non-animal origin will be part of the Symposium organized by BioScience. A full-on live demonstration of buttocks augmentations with the help of two renowned plastic surgeons using HYAcorp range of products is expected to happen on April 1st.

The upcoming 20th edition of AMWC will be the perfect scenario to showcase the amazing results using HYAcorp products for the body; and what better way to demonstrate it than having two renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Francesco Marchetti and Dr. Sofia Carvalho performing a 4-hand live demonstration of Buttocks Augmentation using HYAcorp products.

Next up in the agenda, italian plastic surgeon, Dr. Massimiliano Brambilla will give us an enriched educational lecture on the safety behind ultrasound devices on the body. The last part of the HYAcorp symposium will entail the safety and guidelines to prevent adverse events when using Hyaluronic Acid Dermal Fillers. Thankfully, Dr. Piero Crabai will be presenting these safety measures along with researched and clinical trial data.

About HYAcorp

HYAcorp is a Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler for face and body brand founded in 2006 by the German pioneer BioScience. Originated as a result of German know-how and excellence, provides a long lasting effect for those who want to achieve elegance and natural beauty. 

As a pioneer in the production of biphasic dermal fillers, the brand has gained the recognition of thousands of doctors from around the globe, for its high-quality products and minimally invasive body contouring with its unique, certified HA fillers' body line.

HYAcorp products vary in crosslinking degree, particle size and concentration of HA allowing every product to suit each area of injection. They help you achieve your goal of reshaping your curves, enhancing your skin, accentuating your face, or making you look radiant.

Its biphasic feature gives the possibility of a prolonged effect up to 24 months in some cases; due to the fact that biphasic filler takes more time to be degraded by your body. Our dermal fillers have no free BBDE particles in their composition, presenting a toxicity level lower than the more strict standards around the world.

Since 2006, HYAcorp has held the CE Mark for both the body and face dermal fillers, ensuring their priority for being a safe, effective and high-quality brand dermal and body fillers. Empowered by BioScience is therefore recognized as the only manufacturer in the world holding the CE mark for the body dermal fillers in addition to face products.

About BioScience GmbH

Established in 2001, BioScience GmbH is a German manufacturer designing and producing medical devices based on hyaluronic acid. Today, they are one of the few manufacturers to offer both monophasic and biphasic dermal fillers. Their three product lines – HYAcorp, Genefill, and Hyaprof – are certified with the CE mark and used for the full spectrum of facial and body applications in over 77 countries. BioScience's commitment to innovation and excellence has earned the trust of the most recognized plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and a network of over 125 distributors and millions of satisfied patients.

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