Body Contouring

Body Contouring using HA Filler

Market research has shown an increasing number of women and men alike who would like to enhance their body shape in a natural, non-invasive way that does not involve the use of implants or body fat in a major surgical procedure.

Undergoing a general anesthesia, post-surgery downtime and being left with a scar are reasons for those individuals to look for an alternative.

There is also a steadily increasing number of men taking the advantage of body fillers for procedures like calves or buttock re-shaping.

The difference between Face and Body Fillers

HYAcorp body and facial fillers are both made of high quality cross-linked hyaluronic acid. However, the particle size used in body fillers is larger than the ones for facial use, making the gel thicker and longer lasting. Our body fillers are used for volume restoration and body contouring for regions such as calves or buttocks.


Body Contouring